Types of Binding – Back to Basics

One of the most professional ways to present your documents or paper to others is by binding them. Nowadays, even manuals, reports, and brochures come in a binding form, in order to provide a professional touch to it. it does not matter whether one is going to give the document to their employees or clients, binding of the document of the paper adds a touch of professional elegance.

Talking about binding, one gets to see various forms of binding, such as coil bindings, slide bindings, plastic comb binding, thermal binding, binding screws and rings, and many other forms. All these forms of binding are appropriate for the book market. However, the type of binding one chooses, totally depends on the type of book and its purpose of use.

binding options

Binding Types

When one takes a look into the binding types, one will get to see that there are there popular types of binding. All these form of binding methods are suitable for students for submitting their documents, dissertations, and pitches. On the other hand, designers often go for comb or spiral binding while creating their portfolio. Now, in this blog, take a look into some popular binding styles.

Saddle Stitching

It is one of the economical forms of binding. Pages are folded, stapled long the creases. It is stapled along with a machine that is designed for saddle stitching. This kind of binding is ideal for magazines and booklets.

Perfect Binding

This form of binding differs vastly from coil bindings. This kind of binding goes well with paperback and softcover books. In this kind of binding, pages are folded according to sections. After that the pages are glued with a heavy printed wrap-around cover along the spine, by taking the help of an adhesive. The books won’t open properly as they don’t have strong binding.

Cased-in Wiro Bindingcoil binding

In case, you don’t favor spiral binding, and you are looking to hide the wire from outside, then you can easily settle for cased-in wiro. This kind of binding can look great when completed.

Coil/ Spiral Binding

Coil bindings can be a great choice for documents or papers which needs to be submitted or mailed to another person. For instance, students can choose this binding while submitting their essays. Binders who provide this kind of binding should use improved quality coil machines so that each pages of the document could be opened 360 degrees. Another important quality of this kind of binding is suitable for binding more than 300 pages.

Wire Binding

This form of binding might look similar to coil bindings, but this binding comes in 2 punching patterns. In case, one plans to go for this binding form, one should use high quality wires. Usually, holes are punched all along the document and the pages are bound together with the help of plastic or wire coils.

Hence, coil bindings are the most popular binding form which one can easily take into account. With this kind of binding, one won’t need to worry even if the documents or the papers are toughly handled by the end user.