Accreditation Process


"FOCUS is like a health and wellness program for an organization."

Andrew Lewis

Executive Director Niagara Support Services and NTEC

validation process

On-Site Validation
The on-site validation is a chance for experts from outside of your organization to "validate" your organization's quality improvement efforts. Having an on-site validation is a requirement for accreditation. Before scheduling an on-site validation, FOCUS suggests that your organization will need to spend at least 12-18 months preparing. You will need to be able to demonstrate that your organization has MET the standards for at least three months. Based on the "evidence" we collect before and during the on-site validations, an organization either receives:

  • a 4 year Accreditation
  • a deferral - until specific condition are met. The deferral is up to 12 months
  • non accreditation