Window Showdown: Are Vinyl Or Fiberglass Windows Better For Your Home?

When you are moving to a new house or planning of refurbishing your existing home, you might be thinking of making some new changes. You might plan to change the interiors or the exteriors of your home. Whatever might be your plan one replacement choices that exist in the mind of the owners is to replace their existing windows. When the question of replacing windows comes, the most preferred choice is vinyl window replacement. In fact, vinyl windows are far better choice than fiberglass windows.

New Windows: A Better Choice

Experts have agreed upon the fact that when brand new windows are installed in one’s home, it is always an improved decision. Modern day windows are designed in such a way that they remain energy efficient. Provides robust protection, improve the curb appeal, and more.

vinyl window replacement

However, before installing brand new windows for a home, one needs to ask if vinyl windows or fiberglass windows would be a better choice. To learn which window style is better, go through the rest of the blog.

Vinyl or Fiberglass Windows

 Structural Integrity: Talking about the structural integrity, fiberglass windows are far more superior to vinyl windows. When talking about the strength, fiberglass windows are much stronger. Hence, they won’t warp and thus vinyl window replacement is not a suitable option.

Cost: Coming to cost, vinyl windows cost less than fiberglass windows. Hence, those who might be having some financial constraint should go for vinyl windows. It has been seen that fiberglass windows which are made up of thick glass, the cost of the windows gradually grows up.

This doesn’t mean that vinyl windows being cheaper would make it less durable. Vinyl windows can last a long time.

Eco-friendly: In terms of eco-friendliness, vinyl window replacement is not a wise option. This is because fiberglass windows are made of glass and glass can be easily recycled.

vinyl replacement

Maintenance: In terms of maintenance, fiberglass windows as well as vinyl windows are very easy to maim maintain. All that a homeowner would need to do is to make a solution of liquid soap and water in order to clean the windows. Also, for cleaning one can use a cleaner that are readily available in the market.

Variety: Many homeowners before going for vinyl window replacement option try to consider the different forms available. Usually, vinyl windows come in a wide variety of shades, starting from neutral to dark ones. One can easily choose the shades by matching with the décor of the room. However, with fiberglass windows there is not many choices.

Resale Value: When one is thinking about windows, resale value of it is always considered. Unlike fiberglass windows, vinyl windows don’t offer any resale value.

Material: The base material used for vinyl windows is PVC. The elements that are used can make the frames stiff. However, fiberglass windows strands of glass are suffused with resins.

When one is looking for a suitable window for one’s home, one needs to take into consideration many important points. Hopefully, after following these points one will know if vinyl window replacement option would be suitable for them or not.